The legal bits......

I don't want to get too heavy about copyright but I am a full time professional photographer and so know a little about the subject. Basically lifting images from my website to use on social media without permission (which is given for personal use when purchased) is image theft and breach of copyright and you are liable to pay compensation to me as the photographer. I don't charge a great deal for images as I am a runner myself but I do give a proportion of sales to a linked charity and I hope people in return will play fair with me.
Most people wouldn't walk into a Tesco and take a £5 bottle of wine because it is shoplifting and theft - but using an image without paying for it is exactly the same situation.

My fee for unauthorised usage of my image is £50.00 PER IMAGE

There are various misconceptions about copyright - please read this link if you are unclear about copyright and using photos without permission on social media:

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